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We, humans, have been taking vitamins for years, supplementing our diets with capsules and powders that ensure we get all the nutrients we need. If we can benefit from a little extra help, then why should we not make sure that our four-legged friends get the same benefits?

After all, dogs get sick and get old just like their human owners, and adding doggy vitamins and supplements to their daily diet can help keep our pets fit and healthy for many years to come.

There is a surprisingly wide range of dog vitamins and supplements available; which type or brand you buy will depend very much on your own situation, and your dog’s own health needs. Choose the best product for your own particular needs, and you will soon notice the difference in your own pet.

Cornucopia Combo

Cornucopia is one of the best-loved suppliers of dog vitamins and supplements, having been established back in 1969. Using only human grade, natural and organic ingredients, Cornucopia sells a range of pet foods for dogs and cats, alongside their supplements.

The Cornucopia Super Food and Phyto-Food package gives your dog invaluable protection against disease, by boosting their immunity system and encouraging general good health. These dog vitamins and supplements contain anti-oxidants which protect your pooch against the damage caused by free radicals, while other active ingredients keep joints healthy, prevent memory loss and can even keep your pet alive and healthier for long.

You simply add these two supplements to their meal times to give your pet the health boost we humans have been enjoying for years.

CPF_products_super phyto food

Cornucopia Super Food

The Super Food supplements from Cornucopia should be used in combination with the Phyto-Food supplement for optimal health. Suitable for both dogs and cats, the supplement is based on the very healthy Mediterranean diet and is packed with powerful antioxidants.

Humans have long seen the advantages in adopting aspects of the Mediterranean diet for our health — low in unhealthy fats and high in very healthy fish oils — and now, thanks to products like Cornucopia Super Food, our pets can enjoy the same advantages.

Antioxidants, which prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals, are mixed with natural algae, to create a unique formula that defends your pet from illness, while keeping them healthy inside and out. Ingredients like Gingko Biloba, bee pollen and good old Vitamin C are added to a base of kelp from the North Atlantic to create a 100% natural supplement that will keep your pet in top condition.


Algae is the key ingredient in Cornucopia’s Phyto-Food supplement too, a mixture of kelp from the North Atlantic and North Pacific, along with a specific kind of algae found only in Klamath Lake, in Oregon. These marine ingredients are supplemented by soy, spirulina, yeast and barley juice to boost the immunity system of your pet and help protect them against a range of diseases and conditions.

As well as improving general health, the combination of these two Cornucopia supplements will encourage digestion, prevent diseases like gingivitis in the gums and keep your pet’s joints and bones healthy, helping to stave off hip dysplasia.

Keeping your pet healthy and active in their old age is the best way to ensure they stay around as long as possible; a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and the right dog vitamins and supplements is the perfect combination to give your pooch the best chance of living to a ripe old age — and more importantly, the best chance they have of enjoying their twilight years, instead of being dragged to the vet every week.

Other Supplement Options

Cornucopia also sells a range of pet foods and snacks that are high in the natural and organic ingredients that have made their dog vitamins and supplements such great sellers. Their Cornucopia Crispy Crunchies are an ideal way to ensure even the fussiest eater is getting the benefit of the healthy ingredients on offer; these delicious treats are high in protein, and can even be used as dry food for smaller pooches.

The Wild-crafted Himalayan Mountain Salt from Cornucopia may be sold as a supplement for dogs, but it is equally beneficial to you as their owner too. This 100% pure raw pink Himalayan salt helps both canines and humans regulate their water retention, as well as helping you and your pet absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from your diet.

Normally, owners would be discouraged from eating their dog’s food or snacks, but you can make an exception for the Cornucopia Himalayan salt.

Whatever the age of your pet, it is never too early or too late to start them on a regimen of dog vitamins and supplements. Keep your puppy young, healthy and supple as long as possible or stave off the typical diseases and condition faced by older dogs with the right combination of supplements, and you and your family will be enjoying the company of your beloved pet for many more years to come.  I feed all my dogs and puppies this from the day they can have food.

Other supplements I give are: Turmericorganic unrefined coconut oilSalmon/Pollock oil, Cosequin, Olewo Carrotsbone broth, and probiotics.

Here is a video where I talk about my supplements:

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