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With so many breeders in the world today, you may come across the difficult decision of who to buy from, as I did years ago when I bought my first puppy. Here are a few reasons to consider us:

First of all, we are not the biggest breeder. We do not have many females and many litters a year. I do not keep dogs in a garage or outside in a kennel. Any dog that is part of our breeding program is our pet and lives in our home as a pet. For me personally, I feel I can’t give the pups and mom the attention they require if there were too many dogs. I do freelance web design work from home, so I am available 100% of the time if anyone needs anything.

We are also not the cheapest breeder. Having a AKC champion line Stud in our family, as well as many other incredible lines, we also do genetic and health testing on everyone in our breeding program (unless clear by parentage). We dedicate all of our time to making sure our dogs and puppies are the absolute healthiest happiest, and well-adjusted they can be. From making homemade bone broths, playing them classical music (from birth), using only organic detergents to wash their bedding, starting them on probiotics, introducing them to every loud noise, situation, and different surface I can think of, to buying the very best supplements on the market, and feeding them a natural or organic diet, no expense is spared for my dogs financially, or time-wise. We are not looking to be a large, discount breeder. We are also very particular of where our pups go.

Another service we offer is lifetime training support of the puppy. Miniature American (Australian) shepherds and other working breeds can be harder to train than other dogs due to their need to ‘work’ and their intelligence level. Having 8+ here at any time, and having trained many others, chances are, we’ve dealt with it, and will be there for the families of our puppies. Aggression is a sign of lack trust, leadership or discipline. We begin desensitization with our puppies at week one, and discipline and potty training starting at four weeks old, which we feel gives our puppies the best head start to a happy, well balanced life! If you are interesting in learning more about our puppies, please fill out our questionnaire.

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